York Haven Sewer Authority

Certain items should never be put down the drains or flushed in the toilet.  Placing these items down the drain or flushing them in the toilet can cause your pipes to back up or cause issues at the sewer plant, potentially causing expensive repairs and/or maintenance, which could ultimately be reflected in your quarterly bill rate.  The following items should never be put down the drains or flushed down the toilet:  

    • Diapers and baby wipes, even those labeled “flushable”
    • Tampons and sanitary pads, personal care wipes
    • Cleaning/disinfecting wipes and disposable toilet brushes 
    • Paper towels
    • “Disposable” contact lenses
    • Cigarette butts
    • Dental floss and toothpicks
    • Cat litter or animal waste
    • Toys, or anything made of plastic, including plastic coffee stirrers
    • Fats, oils, greases

    York Haven Sewer Authority:

    Chairman: Faye Kline
    Vice-President: Charles Whitehead
    Recording Secretary: Desiree Boorujy

        Margaret Malehorn
        Charles Whitehead
        Scott Frederick
        Brian Rohrbaugh
    Plant Operator: Peter Nestlerode
    York Haven Sewer Authority:  Desiree Boorujy (717)-900-1807
    e-mail: YHSewer@gmail.com

    Sewer Authority meetings:  (calendar)
    5:00 pm on the 1st Monday of the month. When a holiday occurs on the 1st Monday, the meeting will be held the following Monday.

    Mailing Address:
        York Haven Sewer Authority
        2 N. Front Street
        PO Box 394
        York Haven, PA  17370

    Phone number:  717-900-1807

    Email:  YHSewer@gmail.com (use email for a quicker response)

    Billing information:

    Rates:  Rates are subject to change.
    The residential rate is 125.00/quarter.
    The commercial rate is $220.00/quarter. 
           The commercial metered rate is $6.06 per 1000 gallons.  

    Payments should be mailed to:
       York Haven Sewer Authority

       PO Box 394
       York Haven, PA  17370

    LATE PAYMENT PENALTY: A 10% PENALTY is imposed on current quarterly charges which are not paid on or before the due date.

    Property owners are required to contact York Haven Sewer Authority when any change of ownership or address occurs.

  • Billing will be sent directly to the property owners. Tenants cannot be billed.

    Delinquent Customers may have a lien placed against their property as well as be subject to water shut off and additional charges. The authority may proceed with Sheriff’s sale.