About Us

York Haven Borough Government Positions

Mayor: Christine Ebersole
President: Bryan Householder
Vice-President: Joell Fry
Secretary/Treasurer: Pamela Billet
Council Members:
Chad Billet
Robin Isaacson
Jamie Wolf
Mindy Yoder
Tim O’Sheehan

York Haven Borough Office
Two N Pennsylvania Ave.

York Haven, PA 17370
Phone: (717) 266-7261
FAX:      (717) 266-9429

Borough Office Hours: 9 am – 1 pm, Monday – Friday
        Summer Hours: By Appointment (717) 266-7261

York Haven Borough Council Meeting Dates for 2021
January 4,  February 1,  March 1,  April 5,  May 3,  June 7,
July 6 * (Tuesday),  August 2,  September 7* (TUESDAY),
October 4,  November 1, and  December 6.
All Meetings start at 7:00 pm. (calendar)

Trash-Trash pick-up day is on Monday.
When holidays fall on Monday,

trash collection will occur the following Tuesday.  (calendar)

Engineer: C.S. Davidson, Inc.-Derek Rinaldo
Solicitor: CGA Law Firm- Evan Gable
Fire Chief: Mark Sanders
Fire Company: Susquehanna Fire Company (717) 384-6778
Ordinance Officer:  Tim O’Sheehan
Animal Control: Klugh Animal Control Services
 (717) 916-1413 & (717) 542-3047
Police Department: Newberry Township
Tax Collector: Sheila Eisele (717) 938-0237

Office hours Tues, Wed, &Thur 4:45 pm – 7:45 pm
2985 Old Trail Road York Haven, PA

Trash Fee Collector: Pamela Billet (717) 266-7261
Library: Ramona Krout & Cindy Owad
Constable: Carletta Korte

York Haven Sewer Authority

Right To Know Access to York Haven Borough Records