York Haven is a borough in York County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 709 at the 2010 census. The borough is the home of the Brunner Island coal-fired electrical generation plant, located on the Susquehanna River on Wago Road and operated by PPL. According to the United States Census Bureau, the borough has a total area of 0.3 square miles (0.78 km2), of which 0.04 square miles (0.10 km2) of it, or 5.88%, is water. Read More….

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Lower Susquehanna River
York County Conservation District
Northeastern Community Senior Center

PROPERTY OWNERS, LANDLORDS, HOTEL OWNERS, PLEASE TURN INTO THE BOROUGH SECRETARY THE NAMES OF ALL YOUR TENANTS 18 & older. This must be done within 14 days of your tenants changing residence according to Ordinance 2009-5. A P.O. Box is required for the Tax Collector.

Trash: All Property Owners and Landlords, please inform your tenants of the information below: As of January 1, 2017, Penn Waste will be the borough’s new refuse collector for the next 3 years. Please refer to your flyer from Penn Waste for information. Ordinance 2014-3 Amending 2008-4 “The Refuse Collection Ordinance” Only Trash Generated at Property Location May Be Put Out to Curb. Please visit Penn Waste for more information regarding trash restrictions, services and other trash pickup related information.

To stay up to date with Penn Waste  on recycling tips and collection updates, consider following Penn Waste on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. If you have not already done so, consider signing up for the Penn Waste E-News Updates to receive recycling suggestions and collection updates directly to your e-mail inbox.

FIREWORKS – York Haven Borough follows Pennsylvania State Law Act 43 of 2017 Section 2404 (b) Prohibitions (1) Consumer fireworks on public or private property without the express permission of the owner. (5) Consumer fireworks may not intentionally ignite or discharge within 150 feet of an occupied structure.

Stormwater/Drainage: York Haven Borough is classified as an MS4 Community by the State. An MS4 Permit regulates the discharge of stormwater from the Borough to neighboring streams. As a resident, you can help the Borough and the environment in the following ways:

# Please do not dump yard or pet waste in streams, ditches, or storm drains. #
Do not dump or pour oil, antifreeze and other hydrocarbons around your property or in the storm drain. # Dry out your latex paint to dispose of it. # If treating your lawn, please use the correct rate of fertilizer.

Construction: If your doing any type of construction to the outside of your home (windows, deck, roofing, driveways, walks, swimming pools, and *landscaping please contact the Borough office to acquire your permits. *Note New Stormwater Ordinance requirements.

Burning: Please check Ordinance 2009-3 Burning Ordinance restrictions before doing any burning in the Borough.

All snow/ice must be removed from sidewalks 24 hours after the last snowfall. For any Snow Emergency please WATCH WGAL TV-8.

Our Animal Control: Klugh Animal Control Services (717) 916-1413 & (717) 542-3047 As per Ordinance 2003-4 it is unlawful to permit any dog, cat, or any other animal to run at large in the Borough. All animals listed above must be on a leash or contained on the owner’s property.

York Haven Borough Government Positions

Mayor: Christine Ebersole
President: Bryan Householder
Vice-President: Joell Fry
Secretary/Treasurer: Pamela Billet
Council Members:
Chad Billet
Robin Isaacson
Jamie Wolf
Mindy Yoder
Tim O’Sheehan

York Haven Borough Office
Two N Pennsylvania Ave.
York Haven, PA 17370
Phone: (717) 266-7261
FAX:      (717) 266-9429

Borough Office Hours: 9 am – 1 pm, Monday – Friday
Summer Hours: By Appointment (717) 266-7261

York Haven Borough Council Meeting Dates for 2023
January 2,  February 6,  March 6,  April 3,  May 1,  June 5, July 3,  August 27,  September 5* (TUESDAY), October 2,  November 6, and  December 4.
All Meetings start at 7:00 pm. (calendar)

Trash-Trash pick-up day is on Monday. When holidays fall on Monday, trash collection will occur the following Tuesday.(calendar)

Engineer: C.S. Davidson, Inc.-Derek Rinaldo
Solicitor: CGA Law Firm- Evan Gable
Fire Chief: Mark Sanders
Fire Company: Susquehanna Fire Company (717) 384-6778
Ordinance Officer:  Tim O’Sheehan
Animal Control: Klugh Animal Control Services
 (717) 916-1413 & (717) 542-3047
Police Department: Newberry Township
Tax Collector: Sheila Eisele (717) 938-0237
Office hours Tues, Wed, & Thur 4:45 pm – 7:45 pm
2985 Old Trail Road York Haven, PA

Trash Fee Collector: Pamela Billet (717) 266-7261
Library: Ramona Krout & Cindy Owad
EMA: Constable: Carletta Korte

York Haven Sewer Authority

Certain items should never be put down the drains or flushed in the toilet.  Placing these items down the drain or flushing them in the toilet can cause your pipes to back up or cause issues at the sewer plant, potentially causing expensive repairs and/or maintenance, which could ultimately be reflected in your quarterly bill rate.  The following items should never be put down the drains or flushed down the toilet:  

  • Diapers and baby wipes, even those labeled “flushable”
  • Tampons and sanitary pads, personal care wipes
  • Cleaning/disinfecting wipes and disposable toilet brushes 
  • Paper towels
  • “Disposable” contact lenses
  • Cigarette butts
  • Dental floss and toothpicks
  • Cat litter or animal waste
  • Toys, or anything made of plastic, including plastic coffee stirrers
  • Fats, oils, greases
York Haven Sewer Authority:Chairman: Faye Kline
Vice-President: Charles Whitehead
Recording Secretary: Desiree Boorujy
Treasurer: Open Position
    Margaret Malehorn
    Charles Whitehead
    Scott Frederick
    Brian Rohrbaugh
Plant Operator: Peter Nestlerode
York Haven Sewer Authority:  Desiree Boorujy (717)-900-1807
e-mail: YHSewer@gmail.comSewer Authority meetings:  (calendar)
5:00 pm on the 1st Monday of the month. When a holiday occurs on the 1st Monday, the meeting will be held the following Monday.Mailing Address:
    York Haven Sewer Authority
    2 N. Front Street
    PO Box 394
    York Haven, PA  17370Phone number:  717-900-1807Email:  YHSewer@gmail.com (use email for a quicker response)Billing information:Rates:  Rates are subject to change.
The residential rate is 125.00/quarter.
The commercial rate is $220.00/quarter. 
       The commercial metered rate is $6.06 per 1000 gallons.  Payments should be mailed to:
   York Haven Sewer Authority
   PO Box 394
   York Haven, PA  17370LATE PAYMENT PENALTY: A 10% PENALTY is imposed on current quarterly charges which are not paid on or before the due date.Property owners are required to contact York Haven Sewer Authority when any change of ownership or address occurs.

Billing will be sent directly to the property owners. Tenants cannot be billed.
Delinquent Customers may have a lien placed against their property as well as be subject to water shut off and additional charges. The authority may proceed with Sheriff’s sale.

York Adams Tax Bureau

York Office
1405 N. Duke Street, POB 15627
York, PA 17405-0156
Phone (717) 845-1584
Fax (717) 854-6376
Gettysburg Office
240 West Street
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Phone (717) 334-4000
Fax (717) 337-2565

New Resident Message.

Greetings! Whether you have recently moved to the area from out-of-state, or if you have resided in Pennsylvania all your life, it is important for you to understand Pennsylvania local taxes that may impact you.

In Pennsylvania, in addition to the state personal income tax collected by the PA Department of Revenue, municipalities, school districts, and the county may each levy several different types of taxes. These may include the following:

Real Estate Tax – levied by the county, school district, and municipality on real estate owned within their jurisdictions. Each taxing authority will levy a different millage rate, and bills are mailed in the spring for county and municipal tax and in the summer for school district tax. This tax may or may not be paid through your mortgage company. Your municipality has a locally elected real estate tax collector who will collect this tax.

Earned Income Tax – levied by the municipality and school district where you reside. It is a tax on gross wages and net profits. Tax rates are 1% or higher depending on the school district where you live, and the tax is shared between the municipality and school district. If you work within Pennsylvania, your employer is required to withhold the tax and remit it to the collector where the employer is located. The York Adams Tax Bureau collects the tax for most of York and all of Adams Counties. If you are self-employed or work out-of-state, you are required to make estimated quarterly payments of the tax due. An annual Individual Earned Income Tax Return must be filed with the YATB by April 15 following the end of the tax year. A return must be filed even if you had no earned income. Only permanently retired or disabled individuals are exempt from filing.

Local Services Tax – levied by some municipalities where you work. It is an occupational privilege tax of a maximum of $52.00 per year, withheld by your employer at no more than $1.00 per week. YATB is the LST collector for certain municipalities in York and Adams Counties. In other cases, the locally elected tax collector has been appointed to collect the tax. Low-income exemptions may apply.

Per Capita Tax – This is an annual head tax of $5.00 or $10.00 levied by some municipalities and school districts. It is collected by your locally elected tax collector. YATB collects delinquent per capita tax for some municipalities and school districts in York and Adams Counties.

Other Taxes – Depending on where you live, you may also pay a street light tax, a fire hydrant tax, an occupational assessment tax, or some other special taxes. Check with your municipal office regarding these taxes.

The York Adams Tax Bureau is the appointed collector of Earned Income Tax (EIT) for the following school districts:

Adams County:
Bermudian Springs School District
Gettysburg Area School District
Conewago Valley School District
Littlestown Area School District
Fairfield Area School District
Upper Adams School District
York County:
Dallastown Area School District
South Western School District
Dover Area School District
Southern York Co. School District
Eastern York School District
Spring Grove Area School District
Hanover Public School District
West York Area School District
Northern York School District
School District of the City of York
Northeastern School District
York Suburban School District
Red Lion Area School District

Individual Annual Earned Income Tax forms and payments may be filed online at www.palite.org. Additional forms and information may be found at www.yatb.com.

All residents of the above districts who are not permanently retired or disabled must file an earned income tax return with the York Adams Tax Bureau by April 15 of each year, even if they had no earned income. Earned income tax (EIT) is a tax on gross wages and net profits and is levied by the municipality and school district where you reside.

Individuals who are self-employed or whose employers do not withhold the tax are required to make estimated quarterly payments of the tax due. (Due dates: April 30, July 30, Oct. 30, and Jan. 30.) Quarterly return forms may be found at www.yatb.com.

Questions? In York County, please contact our Taxpayer Services Department at 717-845-1584, option 1, or by email at info@yatb.com. Adams County residents may call 717-334-4000.

1st QTR Summary of April 25, 2022, YATB Board of Directors Meeting

YATB New Resident/Change of Address Form

P.O. Box 169
2 Pennsylvania Avenue
York Haven, Pa. 17370
Phone (717) 266-7261

Fax (717) 266-9429


January 2023

MAYOR: Christine Ebersole
PRESIDENT: Bryan Householder

Attention Property Owners:

In 2020, the Borough enacted a Rental Licensing Ordinance to regulate rental properties in the Borough and maintain the safety and welfare of all residents who are affected by rental properties. The Ordinance implements a program of licensure for all rental properties in the Borough, as well as annual inspections. In early 2023, the Borough will send each owner of a rental property an application, which must be returned, along with the rental license fee by June 30. Inspection fees are due to the Borough by September 30 of each year, with inspections to take place prior to March 31 of the following year.

The Borough understands this is a significant change, and will continue to provide additional information as we begin implementation of this Ordinance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Borough Office.

         PROPERTY OWNERS, LANDLORDS, HOTEL OWNERS, PLEASE TURN INTO THE BOROUGH SECRETARY THE NAMES OF ALL YOUR TENANTS 18 and older. This must be done within 14 days of your tenants changing residence according to Ordinance 2009-5. A PO Box is required for the Tax Collector.

Contact Information for York Haven Sewer Authority

If you need information for the York Haven Sewer Authority; please contact Desiree Boorujy (717) 900-1807. The Borough office does not take Sewer Authority payments.

We are entering into a new year of our 2-year contract with Penn Waste. Our trash fees will be $177.50 for half the year, and a total of $355.00 for the year. This fee has risen due to an increase in the contract and a tip fee (cost for disposal) for York County processible municipal solid waste at the York County Center. Residential Electronics Recycling has resumed a normal schedule all electronics (televisions, computers may not be put out with regular garbage. You may contact them at 717-845-1066. Any appliances with Freon can be picked up but you must call 717-845-1066 to schedule a special pick up.

Ordinance 2014-3 Amending 2008-4 “The Refuse Collection Ordinance” Only Trash Generated at Property Location May Be Put Out To Curb.  Trash cans/bags may not be placed out until after 6:00 pm on Sunday, and on sidewalk/yard, not in the street.

If you are doing any type of new construction to the outside of your home (windows, deck, roofing, driveways, walks, and *landscaping please contact the Borough office to acquire your permits. *Note: New Stormwater Ordinance requirements. Swimming pools above 24’ must obtain a permit from Commonwealth Code Inspection 717-846-2004.

The Borough has a drop off insert in the borough door for trash payments, and parking violations only. 

Please check Ordinance 2009-3 Burning Ordinance restrictions before doing any burning in the Borough!

Check out our Facebook page for York Haven Borough information.