About Us

York Have Borough Government Positions

Mayor: Keith Rode
President: Margaret Malehorn
Vice-President: Bryan Householder
Secretary/Treasurer: Pamela Billet
Council Members:
Ruth Conley
Brian Rohrbaugh
Patrick Vehar
Mindy Yoder

Borough Office Hours:  9am – 1pm, Monday-Friday
     Summer Hours:  By Appointment (717) 266-7261

York Haven Borough Council Meeting Dates for 2017; January.2, February 6, March 6, April 3, May 1, June 5, July 10, August 7, September 5 (Tuesday), October 2, November 6, December 4. All Meetings start at 7;00 pm.

Trash-Trash pick-up day is on Monday.

Engineer: C.S. Davidson, Inc.-Derek Rinaldo
Solicitor: CGA Law Firm-Margaret Driscoll
Fire Chief: Mark Sanders
Fire Company: Susquehanna Fire Company (717) 266-2821
Ordinance Officer: Keith Rode
Animal Control:
Julia Drebushenko (717) 542-2620
Police Department: Newberry Township
Tax Collector: Debra Popp (717) 938-8005
Trash Fee Collector: Pamela Billet (717) 266-7261
Library: Ramona Krout & Cindy Owad
EMA: Tom Alsted
Constable: Mark Wetzel

York Haven Sewer Authority:

Chairman: Faye Kline
Vice-President: Patricia Hitz
Recording Secretary: Elizabeth Lutz
Joyce Moul
Charles Whitehead
Plant Operator: Peter Nestlerode

Sewer Authority meetings:  5:00pm the 1st Monday’s of the month.